BREAKFAST Contactless Delivery TRIAL

We are pleased to offer guests, from today, a contactless hot breakfast sandwich/bap and choice of extras including juice, muffin, yoghurt, fruit and porridge, all packed and delivered to the porch of the B&B in the mornings. 

Orders are taken 24 hours in advance so that we can source the ingredients fresh locally.

We will send you a text with options for you to choose subject to availability.

A sample text will be: -


Choose what you would like in your Breakfast sandwich/bap:  Sausage, Bacon, Egg, Cheese slice, Butter, HP or Heinz Tomato Sauce.


Choose extra’s: Orange Juice, Yoghurt, Piece of Fruit, Porridge, Muffin, Biscuit or Cake Bar  


Any special requests, food allergies or requirements: -


Your breakfast will be placed in the porch for you to collect after 08.30, Earlier or Later on request.