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Whoop Whoop - I am so pleased to hear that we can open 04 July, please see my updates below on how we will do this and welcome you back.

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Coronovirus Covid-19 Update - see below  

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CORONOAVIRUS Covid-19 Update as of 20 Jun 2020 at 11.00hrs

Firstly, we wish you, your families, friends and colleagues well during this lockdown period. I hope you’re staying safe during these unusual times. Our thoughts are with all of those that have suffered during this difficult time.  

We are still aiming for the 4th of July but still not heard.

Fingers crossed that we can welcome you back soon when restrictions are lifted.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since restrictions have been lifted Wells has been busy, particularly on sunny days and a lot of people not respecting the coast leaving more litter than normal. 

 Please leave only your footprints!

         Local updates and points that may be of interest about the area are also below.

  • Following the updates and government guidance I will update my approach below once I can confirm more details. Currently I can only ascertain that we will be closed until the 4th July and that people are not allowed to overnight or let their properties or travel for holidays or to second homes until this date at the earliest. We are taking bookings for dates as per government instruction as holidays are being classed non essential travel.   
  • In the B&B, when you go thru the front door which is used for guests and not us, there is a staircase to the left for Port room and another staircase to the right for Starboard room. There is then another staircase outside Starboard for Top Deck. This means that socially distancing in the B&B is easy. We may only let 2 out of our 3 rooms leaving 1 room empty if it is needed for social distancing or to allow more time between bookings. You would literally only use the same front door and then go to totally separate areas.  
  • We have a separate entrance to the house so only the guests in two rooms on opposite sides of the house will be coming through the front door to access their own private staircase
  • The apartment is in a separate building that you access from outdoor steps, so you are completely independent in a well equipped self catering apartment only a few steps from the harbour with your own parking opposite.
  • CHECK-IN: I already do SELF-CHECK-IN by email and text which many guests have said is working well and nice and easy. You will have all the info you need by email before you arrive to ensure a smooth, quick and easy check-in and check-out. Then you just need to text me in the morning of arrival day for the key code.
  • I am always contactable by text 07764 188875, email and message via my website and I am quick to respond whereever I am – sometimes even when on a seal rescue.

  • ARRIVAL TIME: I hope that I will still be able to have the accommodation ready for you by 4pm and still manage a checkout for 10am but I may need a bit longer as others are doing. Where possible I do early check-ins free of charge

  • CLEANING POLICY: Guidelines advise that I ask all guests to do a clean on handles and surfaces on arrival and on departure. There is everything needed for cleaning but it is recommended that guests bring their own too. It is even more important than ever that people agree to the booking condition cleaning policy and leave the apartment/room as clean as and as found so that I can focus on changing the room and extra cleansing (I already have a strict cleaning policy). I will then leave the rooms for as long as possible before you arrive.
  • A new guideline is that guests place all used towels and bedding in a bag on check-out.
  • We are also reccommended to leave the room for 3 hours before entering, therefore all of the guidelines above are a condition of booking.
  • All rooms have their own fridge or access to a fridge for only their use (not shared).

  • Top Deck will have a fridge in the room with an ice box.

  • As we are not sure what we are able to do when we open we have discounted the rates to be without breakfast. We will not know until a much later date what options will be available but will update this site as soon as it is known. There is a café around the corner that I hope will be open, and the delhi, bakers and great local shops are open for takeaway breakfast to eat in the best locations with many benches and open areas and amazing harbour views and wildlife.
  • Check when booking if we are able to serve breakfast which may be available to be paid for locally at only £9 per person per day (minimum of 4 people per day to be advised). This will include a locally sourced full English, toast, Jams, tea and coffee. Lighter options may be available on request.  Sorry we cannot confirm if breakfast will be available yet.
  • From September, all being well, with breakfast has been added which will include a full English where possible and placed on a tray in the nearest room (if I feel it is safe to provide breakfast). There will not be any shared areas for breakfast so some items may not be available. This way you will not come into contact with anyone else as it is separate rooms.

  • I do not go in the rooms again until your departure.

  • The dining room and lounge will not be in use, all my rooms have comfy chairs or sofas and guests can use the outdoor guest terrace area as long as you are socially distanced. We are able to provide a 2nd area to sit outside with tables and chairs if needed.

  • We will relax our rule of no food in the B&B rooms and provide extra cleaning items plus any plates and utensils on request that you can wash as you go. I am allergic to fish, but it is not a problem if you clean and dispose of all rubbish and air the room. For this reason we have a cleaning and damage policy as a condition of booking and may request a view of the rooms on departure.

  • I give discounts for longer durations which are not advertised, so please just message/email for details. The apartment has discounts of up to 30% for a 7 night booking.

  • DEPOSIT: For new bookings and until further notice there is a low deposit of £50 which is only refundable if the government advise that I cannot let the property. It will be taken off the balance when you arrive.
  • PAYMENT: The outstanding amount can be paid on arrival by cash that will be placed in an envelope and put in a safe place for us to pick up on arrival.

  • CANCELLATIONS: If you decide not to travel it will only cost the £50 deposit, although, out of curtesy I hope that guests will give us at least a couple of weeks or more notice so that it can be booked by someone else.

  • So far, I have fully refunded all bookings that wished to cancel before restrictions were put in place. Some have even booked for the same dates next year :-). I will not enforce vouchers or just move the booking forward as other companies have done. Then we will look forward to welcoming you back.

  • TRACK and TRACE: This app is currently in development, being delayed as Apple will not change their application, so they are now working with the Government to produce a joint one (Apple have caused the delay). It is not known how much of a part it will play, but it could help us get back to normal. This will be decided when more is known. It is certainly something that I will consider and it may be a condition of booking if it helps protect people and keep them safer (and has the potential to save lives if enough people participate).
  • This information overrides any other points you might find on my website and booking systems. Due to helping in the community I may update this approach as things change

Local updates

  • Leftleys, Coop, Howells Delhi, the Bakers and Butchers are still open and doing a great job of keeping the shelves stacked.
  • The Wells town council quickly set up a hub from 18 March of volunteers to help. 1st call for help received 25 March and has been a success with over 100 volunteers.
  • NCI Coastwatch closed on 18 March and re-opened 28 May on single watches.
  • There are no lifeguards or beach patrol on the beach
  • Seals: There are 5 to 7 resident seals having a lovely time on our Wells beach most days – although as people have returned they have started walking thru the enclosure which stops them from hauling out, but we are working on this with Pinewoods, Coastwatch, Wells Harbour, Holkham, AONB and British Divers Marine Life Rescue to help protect the seals and create a safe place for them to haul out and visitors can watch and enjoy from a safe distance.
  • Most cafes, bars and restaurants are still closed.  Some, including Fish and chip shops are doing click and collect, takeaway or are open at certain times.
  • Holkham have some parts open i.e. limited parking on Lady Anne drive and Beach Road. See their website for their phased opening.
  • Wells forum for locals and visitors facebook page have a lot of information and you can join to post a question: -


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Anchorage B&B             
28 Blackhorse Yard
NR23 1BN

Anchorage Harbour Apartment
14 Tunns Yard
NR23 1DF

Email or

Text 07764 188875

Booking is easy with just a couple of emails.

OR check availability and reserve on my system by Clicking HERE and I will email all of the details to book and arrange deposit to secure.

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