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Whoop Whoop - I am so pleased to hear that we can open 04 July, please see my updates below on how we will do this and welcome you back.

For information, a question or rates and availability just enter your email address and question.  Avril always respond quickly.

Coronovirus Covid-19 Update - see below  

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CORONOAVIRUS Covid-19 Update as of 21 Oct at 11.30hrs

UPDATES in progress as I try to keep up with changes

Firstly, we wish you, your families, friends and colleagues well during these strange times. Our thoughts are with all of those that have suffered during this difficult time.  

We are pleased to continue to welcome guests since 04 July and it has been a busy summer with only 1 room left in October

IMPORTANT NOTE: Safety measure are in place and everything is open in Wells and it has been extremely busy

 Please leave only your footprints!

         Local updates and points that may be of interest about the area are also below.

  • Following the updates and government guidance I will update my approach below as things change.
  • Per government guidelines Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms, you live in an area advised not to travel or you are isolating.  We will not accept a booking from someone with a primary residence in areas advised not to travel. Proof of your postcode may be required.
    • It is a booking conditions that you will participate in test and trace program and accept the Covid-19 and Cleaning policy outlined below
    • You will need to download the NHS covid app before arriving at AnchorageWells and the QR code is deplayed at the entrance so that you can check in.  We registered on the app on 24 Sep 20
    • Social Distancing and Face Coverings: -
      • You will need to wear face coverings in all common areas, that is in the porch, dining room, lounge and stairs which are used for access to the rooms.
      • Please allow anyone in the porch, dining room or on the stairs to EXIT before you enter those areas
      • The dining room and lounge are not in use during these times. There are 2 areas on the front terrace that you are welcome to use. Extra chairs, blankets and cushions can be taken out from the the porch and returned at night.
      • We are advising all guests that if anyone is in the porch, stairs or dining room to stand back and wait for them to exit before entering
  • In the B&B, when you go thru the front door which is used for guests and not us, there is a staircase to the left for Port room and another staircase to the right for Starboard room. There is then another staircase outside Starboard for Top Deck. This means that socially distancing in the B&B is easy. You literally only use the same front door and then go to totally separate areas accessing your room from different staircases.  
  • We have a separate entrance to the house so only the guests in two rooms on opposite sides of the house will be coming through the front door to access their own private staircase
  • The apartment is in a separate building that you access from outdoor steps, so you are completely independent in a well-equipped self-catering apartment only a few steps from the harbour with your own parking opposite.
  • We are not able to serve breakfast during this time, as it would not be possible to socially distance and there are 4 entrances into the dining room making it unsafe for us to be serving or accessing the B&B from the kitchen.  We have reduced the rates reflect this, although we are already the best rate in Wells for a king in such a sought after location. Once things have settled and we feel it is safe we will serve a full English. It will be a restricted service as we will not be able to serve things that you would normally be able to help yourself to such as cereals and extra toast.
  • For Breakfast Cafe 24 just around the corner are open from 9.30 or 10am and serve a great full English at the best price in Wells.  No booking needed.  Email Avril for further recommendations.  Within 5 minutues there are cafes, delhi, bakers serving fresh croisants and the best places you could take a breakfast to eat whilst being entertained by our amazing wildlife in the natural safe haven harbour 2 minutes away.  Lookout for North Norfolks 5 iconic species.
  • Check-in time is now 1700 to 1800hours and Check-out is by 9.30 due to the new cleaning requirements and resting time.  We will confirm when it will be ready when you text on the day.  Sorry we are not able to do early check ins during this time due to the amount of extra time needed for the cleanse, clean, cleanse and rest. Most accommodation providers are not allowing check in until after 1800 but we are managing 1700, sometimes a bit earlier and just the occasional one that was later.
  • CHECK-IN: I already do SELF-CHECK-IN, now called contactless check-in, by email and text which many guests have said is working well and nice and easy. You will have all the info you need by email the day before you arrive to ensure a smooth, quick and easy check-in and check-out. Then you just need to text me at around  9 to 10am in the morning of arrival day for the key code. If you don’t text early your check in could be delayed. I will reply to confirm what time your room will be ready.  Guests have said how easy check in has been.
  • With the new processes we rely on text and email, so please reply to Avril’s text and emails so that we can speak to you direct and you have our details stored should you need anything while you are here.
  • I am always contactable by text 07764 188875, email and message via my website and I am quick to respond wherever I am – sometimes even when on a seal rescue.
  • Please do not turn up early as you cannot access the room until the time advised when we reply to your text. We may still be coming and going and would not be able to stay safe.
  • The Apartment parking is not available until after the check in time as the parking key is with the apartment key.
  • We do not go in the rooms or the B&B again until departure.  We are always contactable by text.
  • All rooms have their own fridge or access to a fridge.  
      • We can no longer provide fresh milk but you can bring your own beverages.
  • Top Deck has its own fridge with an ice box. Port and Starboard have use of the dining room fridge and asked to use separate shelves, No Fish, shellfish or meat.
  • There will be no shared facilities, so if you need anything extra we are happy to put this in your room, please let us know on the check in email reply.
  • To ensure we remain Covid free and we can keep the accommodation open for you and all our future bookings we may not see you during your stay unless we meet you as we come and go on the front terrace. Our area is locked off at the back. When we are not here there are local checks, emergency cover and we are not far away. We use text so that you can contact us any time.
  • Cushions and the drinks tray etc (a fresh small amount in each room) have been arranged in your room but some accommodation providers are removing these. Please let me know on your check in email reply if you would prefer they are removed before you arrive.
  • During this busy time most eating places are fully booked due to reduced capacity. I strongly reccommend that you book before you arrive and you let me know before arrival day if you would like my guests reccommended list of places to eat. Sorry it will be too late for me to send it on arrival day as i will be doing room changeovers.  

  • DEPOSIT: For new bookings and until further notice there is a low deposit of £50 which is only refundable if the government advise that I cannot let the property or I need to cancel which has never happened yet, but this is always an option in these uncertain times. It will be taken off the balance when you arrive.
  • PAYMENT: The outstanding amount can be paid on arrival by cash that will be placed in an envelope and put in a safe place for us to pick up.
  • CANCELLATIONS: A special cancellation policy is in place at the moment, if you decide not to travel it will only cost the £50 deposit, although, out of curtesy I hope that guests will give us at least a couple of weeks or as much notice as possible so that it can be booked by someone else.
  • If we were closed due to Covid or I became infected we will cancel all bookings free of charge or move the dates, depending on which is preferred by you, the guest.
  • We are doing out utmost to stay safe and ensure we can stay open for our future bookings, now knowing how important it is for people to get away from it all and visit the seaside, this is why we need your help to stay clear of the virus and ensuring that everyting is left as clean as found.
  • If you want to pay the balance by bank transfer normal cancellation fees will apply and it will need to be done at the same time as the deposit so that there is only one transaction.  I would reccommend insurance if you book where you are paying up front.



  • After reviewing, undergoing several training sessions, completing risk assessments and looking at the government and accommodation providers recommendations and guidelines we are putting the below in place for the safety of our guests. Accepting these is a condition of booking for everyones safetly.   It is really important for our guests and future bookings that all of the below are undertaken by every guests so that it is safe for me to do the rooms.   I am not concerned for myself, but I am concerned for my guests, colleagues and to be able to stay open for future bookings.
  • We will not go in your room or the B&B again until departures, unless by arrangement with yourself.  If you need anything in your room please tell us before the check-in day.
  • The lounge and dining room are closed and only used to access the staircases for your rooms or the fridge.
  • If there is anyone in any of those rooms, the porch or the stairs, please stand back and allow them to exit before entering.  This way we will not need masks/face coverings, although we reccommend that you wear them in all public areas.
  • Guests are asked to leave everything as clean as found in all used rooms
  • Please be mindful to ensure everything is left as clean as found, rooms are stripped, everything is cleaned, bin bags replaced and no traces of anything is left in any room, trays or bathroom so that I can focus on deeper cleaning, cleansing, changing everything and then an extra cleanseParticular concern has been toothpaste and soap splashes - please check before you leave. I am working with some extremely vulnerable people and need to ensure that they, you or I and future bookings are not put at risk. There will be a print of the Covid-19 requirements in your room.  I am not concerned for myself, just others that I will be in contact with and to be able to ensure we dont have to cancel peoples long deserved and awaited holidays.  As the scientists have said - you cannot risk just yourself as it will put others at risk.
  • Cleansing - Please wipe down high footfall surfaces on arrival and departure with your own preferred products. Cleaning products are provided but bringing your own preferred products is an industry reccommended guideline.
  • Laundry, Cups Glasses, bins etcyour room needs to be stripped, I will put this info in your room.
  • Resting the room - The room will need to be rested for a minimum of 3 hours before we can start our own clean and cleanse, therefore departure and arrival times have been updated to allow enough time. We will need check outs to be completed by 9.30.
  • We prefer that no food is brought into the B&B but understand that this will happen, so please, due to allergies ensure that no traces of food are left anywhere and the room is well aired at all times. This is important due to allergies, (even the smell of fish can cause a chemical allergic reaction) and risk of cross contamination - so please let me know if you have any concerns about this. We may request to view the room before departure.
  • Damages deposit – we will ask for a damages deposit if we feel it is needed and will charge for extra cleaning which includes beverage and food stains, evenif found after departure. So, please do let us know as we do understand that accidents will happen.

                   STAY SAFE

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Text 07764 188875

Booking is easy with just a couple of emails.

OR check availability and reserve on my system by Clicking HERE and I will email all of the details to book and arrange deposit to secure.

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