Follow the below directions for the Lodge and Rooms and then continue the directions for the Harbour Apartment.

Once you see the first sign for Wells-next-the-Sea follow the map and directions below and not your SatNav. This will help you to avoid yards that are often blocked and not suitable for motor vehicles, it is not far and will make parking easier to find and is the highways reccommended route.

Anchorage Wells 

The Lodge Apartment and Rooms:-

28 Blackhorse Yard,      
NR23 1BN          

Harbour Apartment:-

14 Tunns Yard,      
NR23 1DF

Please do not turn up at the wrong one. 

See your CHECK-IN EMAIL to confirm which you booked.

Email Avril@AnchorageWells.Com

Whatsapp/text 07764 188875 as we may not get calls or text while at sea

Directions for the ROOMS, HARBOUR Apartment and The LODGE

    • AnchorageWells Rooms are in the house at 28 Blackhorse Yard, Wells-next-the-Sea, NR23 1BN
    • The Rooms do not have parking and Blackhorse Yard it is not suitable for motor vehicles.
    • The Lodge Seaview Apartment is opposite the house at 28 Blackhorse Yard, Wells-next-the-Sea, NR23 1BN see your check in email regarding the reserved parking for normal sized cars.
    • AnchorageWells Harbour Apartment is closer to the harbour at 14 Tunns Yard, Wells-next-the-Sea, NR23 1DF with Parking space opposite the apartment. Follow the directions below and then by continuing to the Harbour.
    • Do not drive into blackhorse yard at the other end as it is often blocked and noone can pass
    • Aim for Freeman Street as shown on the map above.
    • Set your satnav for NR23 1BG and not our post code or Blackhorse Yard or Tunns Yard as it may direct you into the yard sign posted as not suitable for motor vehicles and at the wrong end or through the middle of Wells making it more difficult to find. This postcode will make it easier to find parking as below. and uses the highways reccommended route into Wells.
    • Check you are coming into Wells per the little map above which is the highways reccommended route
    • Directions from the A149
      • On the map below follow the blue line once you arrive in Wells
      • Follow the A149 around past the top of Wells until you see Holkham Road the B1105. It will look like you are going past Wells, but do not be tempted to turn off too soon as this will bring you all around the houses and the yards often get blocked.
      • When you arrive at Wells the road goes round to the left and then sharply to the right (fields and horses on your left then right). Just after this you will see the sharp right turn onto Holkham Road sign posted to the beach and carparks with a picture of a coach.
      • Take this turn onto Holkham Road which is a sharp right-hand bend that almost double backs onto yourself. This road then comes onto Freeman Street the B1105.
      • Pass the first car park on your left as this is short stay only.
      • When you come to the houses start to look for a parking space along the road (avoiding yellow lines).
      • Pass Blackhorse Yard but do not turn into it.
      • Continue along Freeman Street until you get to the Crab House.
      • If you haven’t found a space, go into the car park called Stearmans Yard on your right. Dont mistake it for the car park next time as that is often more expensive (not always though).
    • Once you get parked on Freeman Street I recommend that you leave it there as everything is within easy walking distance and you will have trouble parking/driving very narrow lanes etc. wherever you go in North Norfolk. We have a great bus service stopping at every village between Hunstanton and Cromer with Wells in the middle.
    • When you walk into Blackhorse Yard, we are the 2nd house on your left which is currently green and our new lodge is opposite.
    • The lodge is on your right with a parking space under for confident reverse drivers into tight spaces in our historic yard of cars less than 4.5meters and height less than 1.9m.
    • For the Harbour Apartment continue to the harbour and take the turning on your right for Tunns Yard opposite the harbour entrance.  
      • The Harbour apartment is up the 2nd set of steps on your right and is number 14.
      • The parking space is opposite the apartment, number 14 and is chained off
      • There is no lock on the chain and it is attached to the LEFT post

Contact Avril


The Harbour Apartment has a parking space opposite, follow the map and continue to the harbour entrance, turning right into Tunns Yard. The parking space is opposite the apartment at number 14 and the space is chained off attached to the left post. There is not a lock on it.
The Lodge Apartment parking space for normal sized cars for confident drivers in our narrow historic hard is under the Lodge apartment. If your car is over 4.5meters or 1.9m high or you are not happy parking here please use the parking tips below.  But do let us know so that we can make the most of this valuable parking space.

The Rooms are advertised as No Parking and do not have parking. Please refer to the Parking Tips below.

Please follow the directions on the map and below and not your satnav as they often take you in the wrong way and the yards can be blocked.

All of my guests have used free parking for most of their stay when they have parked and left it there.  I recommend that you park your car and leave it and using the public transport as you will have problems parking whereever you go on this coast.  We are within easy walking distance of everything in Wells.


Parking Tips

We will update the below as soon as we are aware of changes but please check the relevant websites before you arrive. We will always endeavour to update in line with highways reccommended routes through Wells.

Aim to park on Freeman Street, see below.

If you don’t find a space as you drive in following our directions, continue a bit further and park in Stearmans Yard Car Park. Spaces become available on Freeman Street after 5pm when day trippers and workers go home.

Once parked on Freeman Street we recommend that you leave your car for your whole stay. Everything is within easy walking distance and we have a great bus service.  Please park considerately and to not block other spaces. i.e. three cars can park on the bit of freeman street at the end of Blackhorse yard, but people often park so that it blocks other spaces.

Stearmans Yard Car Park

•         Free from 6pm to 8am.

•         Any amount on a ticket after 6pm is carried over to start from 8am the next day i.e. an hour ticket bought at 5.50pm will expire at 8.30am the next day. This saves you moving your car by 8am. And you then dont have the car park rush by 8 next morning.

•         For daily or weekly tickets check the machine or to purchase weekly tickets see -

•         Currently £1.50 per hour, £8.50 per day or £36 for a week

•         This ticket is valid only in North Norfolk Car parks and not at the harbour or the beach.

Freeman Street on-street parking is free.

•         Park with your wheels not touching the yellow lines and not over hydrants, without leaving excess space in front or behind as this reduces the number of spaces for other people.

•         Spaces always become available on Freeman Street after 5pm when day trippers and workers go home.

RCP Car Park

•         The RCP car park next door to Stearmans Yard is a different company and they change their rates all the time, from a daily rate of £4 or £15. To check their rates go to

•         BE AWARE of parking in the wrong one by mistake as we have known people to pay for one car park and park in the other, getting a ticket.

Holkham Car Park, Beach Road Holkham Car Park and the Harbour are not for overnight.

There is also parking on other streets, but check the signs on each one and be aware of local residents or blocking emergency vehicle access.