Wells-next-the-Seals - Safe place for our resident seals to haul out

This Wells-next-the-Seals page is reserved for information to help protect the seals on Wells beach. 


Your host, a marine mammal medic, can arrange to meet you on your first morning on the terrace to talk about the local seals, seal rescue, about seal behaviour. or even about a secret seal colony.  You can learn all about the best places and times to see the seal pups, about their behaviour, problems they face and how you can enjoy seeing them safely for you and the seals.  

As a marine mammal medic I am on call to check and rescue seals. Our most famous one being on this link Relashio who had an engine air filter around his neck and after the Hunstanton vet operated on him on a Sunday night in their own time and Sealife kept him in hospital for a couple of months he was nursed back to full health and released. Further information and updates will be added to my page. For more information on this visit British Diver Marine Life Rescue a voluntary network of trained marine mammal medics who respond to call outs from the general public, HM Coastguard, Police, RSPCA and SSPCA and are the only marine animal rescue organisation operating across England, Wales and Scotland.

I have been working with all of the local organisations, Holkham, Pinewoods, Wells Harbour, AONB and Coastwatch to help protect the seals on our beach. Just ask while you are here for the latest news as it is my aim to enable the seals to have a safe place to haul out on Wells beach whilst poeople can enjoy watching them from a safe distance.  
Wells-next-the-Seals return to Wells After a tough season of puplic disturbance they have come back for us to enjoy if we can help them

Recent Signs info placed on Wells beach 26 Dec 20

Keep out of the seal enclosure

Stay over 25 meters from a seal, they need to rest on land.

Keep dogs and children away and under control. Seals bite.

Do not walk in front of the enclosure at low tide,

always walk around it, even when there are no seals.

Do not get closer for photo’s.

You are on CCTV.

Enjoy watching the Wells resident Seals from a distance.

Thank You

For Seal Info and Rescue www.BDMLR.Org.UK.

Authors Email WellsnexttheSeals@gmail.com

Panini Panini 18.5kg now at Eastwinch, underweight as lost her mum.
BDMLR Medics socially distanced 2 days spent watching Panini in the hope her mum would come back, Now at EastWinch
Tiger Bread -1st grey seal pup at RSPCA East Winch 2021
Tiger Bread Grey Seal Pup Rescue

Fantastic News - Tiger Bread was released after being weaned and nursed back to full health and achieving a good weight by RSPCA Eastwinch and released on 04 March 21. 


Named Tiger Bread, he was the small pup that was washed away from his Mum last Nov 20, he swam into Wells harbour, up onto the bank, across the path and up to the top of the embankment, where several Wells people found him and got there in time to stop him rolling down onto Beach road. He would not have survived without his Mum and we were lucky to get him into RSPCA East Winch. Thank you and Good luck Tiger Bread ❤.

Sir Tom, named after Covid heroes after being rescued during 1st lockdown May 20.  He is a beautiful very premature common pup that had been swept away into the sea after being born only a few hours earlier.  The car parks were closed so we cycled from Wells to Holkham with a bike trolley and walked almost to Burnham Overy before we found him being washed out to sea whilst crying out. There was no time to get the equipement, so I went in and rescued him with my high vis and a sainsburys bag. We transported back to Wells in a bike trolley and then took him to Sealife who did such a fantastic job, day and night, to wean him and be his Mum. Against all the odds he survived and was released in November just before the next lockdown. .  Here is a video of Sir Tom being released into the sea which is the first time he had seen the sea since less than 1 day old https://www.facebook.com/158828754176343/videos/357675985322968

Harbour Porpoise successfully refloated by BDMLR assisted by Cromer Coastguard after it beached at East Runton 10 Mar 21.  We stayed in the area to monitor for some time to check ensure it didnt come back, so fingers crossed and good luck little one Above

Horsey Seals Visit with Friends of Horsey Seals

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If you would like to help email WellsnexttheSeals@gmail.com