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We sailed off into the sunrise on the 1st Sept, for our adventure of our lifetimes, and handed over the house and apartments to Laura who is managing them while we are away. If you see Laura, she will always know where we are.

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Update 01 Dec 23

We are posting regular updates on facebook. Link Above.
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After 1957nm we have decided to take a few months break, the pace was just to fast to make the most of all the great places we were discovering.
We are going to split our adventure in two parts, we will leave Orkide sunning herself in the Costa Del Sol looked after by the local murenios and friends while we return to the UK to work so that we can continue next year around the Med and maybe onto the Caribbean via the Canneries.
Thanks to all of you for all of your support, lovely comments and likes throughout our incredible journey, it certainly helped us get through some of the less enjoyable passages and some of the administrative challenges that has made it difficult for us to continue on 
for now. Adios para ahora España
To be continued.............

Update 21 Sep 23

We are posting regular updates on facebook. Link Above.

Update 09 Aug 23

The fitout is almost complete, we now have water purifying, radar, with Si spending a lot of time up the mast, owners suite modifications almost complete.
We have a new VHF radio, Epurb and MOB devices, more solar panels and we are starting to provision. 
One of the most important things we are spending a lot of time on, along with a busy accommodation business during this peak season, is handing over the house to a friend to stay, setting up the 2 apartments so that our friend Laura can manage them while we are away, along with the laundry room, and everything that will be needed to manage those.
Next on the list whilst we continue to research the route, is fitting the massice new batteries and cleaning Orkide;s Hulls to antifoul in the next week, for which we are using anti Orca pale blue as there is evidence, although not proven, that the Orcas cause more trouble to boats with dark or black antifoul, but then most boats have black or dark antifoul :-).

AnchorgeWells Sailing Adventure 

A quick overview of our adventure is: Setting sail towards the Sunrise in the East from Wells after the last room checks out on 29 Aug 23.  Then the following is all subject to change, weather conditions, the sea, and how we feel or the sea and weather allow.
Heading initially to Guernsey where we hope to have a couple of days
Crossing to France, when our Schengen time starts giving us 3 months in the next 6 months in Schengen countries before we either apply for a visa or head to the Caribbean.
Hop around the bay of Biscay stopping off at Orkides birth place in La Rochelle
Hop around Spain, Portual and Spain again to get to Gibralter. 
Head to the Canaries where we will either spend Christmas and do one of the following: -
Head to Cape Verde and or the Caribbean with Christmas at sea
Stay in the canaries for the winter
Head to Africa, Spain  and or Greece for the winter
They all sound like fabulous options to us.
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