This is our's and guests favourite and reccommended places to eat. All within very easy walking distance of AnchorageWells.

Please note that most places in Wells are open and working with new Covid-19 processes, but please check each one as things are changing regularly. Best to book in advance due to it being an exceptionally busy season and restricted numbers being allowed. Some of our award winning restaurants are full weeks in advance.
If you have an update for us please let us know so that we can add your advise to this list.  It would be great to add your quotes. 

o   Seasons/Plattens Fish and Chips, was takeaway only but now opened up the restaurant and shop for eating in. Great décor and right on the harbour with great views, has also had excellent reviews and has/had a great drinks menu. Recent guests have loved it. Their fish and chip shop is Si’s favourite and they have the largest kitchen, hence less queues with a great Covid process in place.

o   No1 seafood award winning restaurant is The Crab House, just across the road from here, must be booked and I am told getting full 6 weeks in advance. I have heard guests say “wow”. Most of the other ones I mention do some really good local fish too. The Crabhouse is closed on Sunday evening and Mondays, no dogs.

o   Favourite pub restaurant with most guests has been the Golden Fleece, a chic pub/restaurant and they put their own twist on the dishes, also has a great Italian Pizza chef – right on the harbour with a table or two outside as well as outdoors eating at the back. 2nd on our list of Sunday Dinners – 2-to-3-minute walk and must be booked.

o   The Crown – Excellent award-winning food, best vegetarian menu I have heard of so far is the Crown which is also the poshest restaurant and Hotel in Wells, 1st on our list of Sunday dinners – 10 min walk up to the Butlands.

o   Sands - Good home cooked fish restaurant, right on the harbour up 1 flight of stairs with the best view in town – no dogs.

o   The Albatros – fingers crossed it will be back on the quay for this summer and I am told they will be serving food with drinks.

o   There are a couple of places on the Butlands that you will see on this route.

o   They Edy - Best pub with lots of atmosphere is the Edinburgh with locals, visitors and fishermen, includes Ollies with its good home cooked food and portions at the best price in Wells, a few minutes’ walk at the top of Staithes Street (turn right at the Golden Fleece).

o   There is another traditional pub called the Bowling green a few more minute walk up past the Crown on the Butlands and thru the passageways, worth the extra short walk thru what used to be the main town.

o   A couple of outdoor vans are serving bucket chips and Pizza.



o   At AnchorageWells we are offering a takeaway breakfast delivered at £5 per person per day, please see the breakfast page on my website for the full/sample menu, subject to demand and availability and orders needed by 10am the day before.

o   Kays on the quay, told me that they are doing bacon, sausage and egg baps to take away from around 9.30

o   Wells Delhi, great view and great coffee from bar stools at the window

o   Howels bakery do great croissants – can be ordered the day before and still warm when you pick them up in the morning.

o   Nelsons Cafe at the top of Staithes Street open from 9am has a good breakfast and lunch menu

o   I noticed the other day that Bang in Wells has some good breakfast choices (at the top of Staithes Street) and you will see other places on the way. They take bookings. A mile walk to the beach café along the harbour bank, just before the beach and pine trees, for a breakfast sandwich and the best coffee is worth the walk

o   Supermarket – best local one is Leftleys at the top of Staithes Street. There is a small one closer and Coop is a bit further, max 15 min walk from here – nice walk past the horse and alpaca fields next to the church opposite Coop.

o   You will find lots more choices along the way. Plenty of benches and places to stop and eat in our natural harbour and the most amazing wildlife for entertainment.